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deviantART: More Like Gotland costume by ~Hemantaru

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heart of hearts digital stamp

Viking Dress.

The people we love leave their footprints on our heart. Great coloring page for grief.

Viking Silver Plaited Bracelet, 10th-12th Century

A Beltane Prayer to the Earth Mother: Celebrate Beltane with the goddesses of the earth.

“Think about what you want in a relationship and why you want it. Look for those around you who are experiencing good relationships, and feel appreciation for them. Make lists of the positive aspects of those you have spent time with. In fact, one of the fastest ways to make your way to a wonderful relationship is to find any subject that consistently feels good, and focus on that even if it has nothing to do with relationships.” —Abraham ..*

"Pagan romance." I could not follow to a web page, but love this pic. Best I can do is post the place I found it. "Monique Lee via Aoi. Repinned 13 weeks ago from Art."

The Beltane celebration honored life over death and celebrated the rebirth of the world. Above all, it was a fertility festival, a symbolic union of the God and Goddess, of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A young virgin, often dressed in white with a crown of flowers, was chosen to be the Queen of the May. Her consort went by many names, including the Green Man, the May Groom, the May King, and Jack-of-the-Green, often dressed in green and decorated with leaves.

Beltane is the great Fertility rite of life, starting at dusk on the 30th and continuing until the dawn of the 1st. The union of the God and Goddess to conceive the sun-child to be takes place upon this holiday,

The nine sacred woods of Beltane. You use these woods in your bonfire.

Beltane Celebrations: Cleansing fire, Gifts for a tree, headdresses, sacrificial cakes.

ullr In Norse mythology, Ull (or Ullr or Uller) is the son of Sif, and the stepson of Thor. People think he was the god of Winter, of hunting, of hand-to-hand combat, and of the willow tree. He is married to Skadi, the goddess of winter, and the ex-wife of Njord. His name means "glory". He was said to be a great archer and skier who left blazing trails across the sky.