Grandma Moses and Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell and Grandma Moses, circa Norman Rockwell Museum Digital Collections, © NRELC, Niles, IL

Norman Rockwell -Gift

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Rockwell ~ Boy Scouts

Norman Rockwell Boy Scout Prints like "Scout Master", "Can't Wait", Norman Rockwell's "Forward America", Norman Rockwell's "I Will Do My Best" and many more!

Family Christmas art, by norman rockwell #vintage #classic #nostalgic

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The Peace Corps (J.F.K.'s Bold Legacy), 1966

American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell

norman rockwell taller

Norman-Rockwell-Taller A simple painting but filled with layers of emotions for the viewer. That's what makes Norman Rockwell such a genius. Keep it simple!

Norman Rockwell: "Christmas Homecoming", 1948.

American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell

"Christmas Homecoming" December 1948 by Norman Rockwell. This is the only painting in which all five members of the Rockwell family appear together. His son Jarvis receives a hug from his mother Mary as friends and family look on.

Norman Rockwell

Normand Rockwell-The Soda Fountain or Soda Jerk. Reminds me of the drugstore scene in "It's a Wonderful Life" George Bailey, I'll love you till the day I die.