Cherry Blossom Zorb

Interactive balloon installation at CherryBlastIV, a huge, awesome warehouse party that's a featured part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The installation was originally inspired by snow globes, cherry blossom flowers, and my love of 10ft diameter orbs, but really, it was just an excuse to have fun with the biggest gosh darn balloon-thing ever. The zorb held between 100 - 200 balloons and one weather balloon and most certainly brought out the inner kid in, well, everyone.
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Best shot of the night, courtesy of Ramsay Lanair. The crowd loved the zorb (I won't say "too much") and took it surfing. Beneath, you'll see one tiny wristbanded arm: That's me, hanging onto the handle, surfing the zorb, and (with help) trying to keep us juuuust on the right side of chaos. Amazing, amazing, amazing experience.

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Ingredients for a successful balloon-blowing-a-thon: 6 Lungs. 3 Bike pumps. 1 large capacity electric air blower.

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Surrealist Saturday morning shopping list. (Last minute supply run!)

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Photo by @Philippa Hughes. The zorb is full of light.

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Taking a breath and gawking at the lights after being bopped on the head by the zorb several times.

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We had to inflate the zorb 10 to 15 times to fit all the balloons inside.

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