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Money Honey

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Yahoo Finance's Mandi Woodruff offers tips on what to do if you find out your coworker earns more than you (for doing the exact same job).

We all know we should be saving. But how much? Yahoo Finance's Mandi Woodruff will tell you in this week’s Money Minute.

Money Minute: How much should I really be saving?

Yahoo Finance picked its top 5 inspiring personal finance stories of the year! These people are incredible.

The death of the American dream perfectly illustrated with Legos (Source: Brookings Institute)

The dying American dream, perfectly illustrated with Legos

Here's how far $100 goes in each state: Source: Tax Foundation

Here's how much $100 is worth in your state

I’m getting remarried. Will my soon-to-be wife’s Social Security change?

INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy Of A Rich Guy's Shopping Habits

INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy Of A Rich Guy's Shopping Habits

This Has To Be The Craziest Bank Sign-Up Bonus We've Ever Seen ($1,000,000)

See How One Man Moved Into The Wilderness And Turned His Back On Currency For Good

How A Former Currency Strategist Went From $150,000/Year To Serving Lattes At Starbucks

Millions Of Drivers Are Legally Bribing Their Way Out Of Paying Car Insurance

Texas Won't Give This Transgendered Widow Her Husband's Death Benefits

A church janitor might have to give back $19,000 in benefits because the state screwed up.

How This Little Kid Became The Hottest Entrepreneur In America | Business Insider

What does your wallet say about you?

Girl power: She paid off $6,000 in debt in just 6 weeks!

13 things you can stop wasting money on >

This Personal Finance Site Is Helping Me Kick My Paper Addiction

"A long night in the cheapest hotel in Manhattan" Better have a strong stomach!

4 Things ID Thieves Really Don't Want You To Know

Should You Tip On The Full Value Of A Discounted Meal?

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    Mandy Rodgers


HA! The .01% Pay $600 A Year To Use A Credit Card Made Of 23-Karat Gold

This Single Misstep Could Cost Consumers Thousands On Their Medical Bills

Infographic: the high price of love.