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Sleepers used vertically

Sleepers used vertically [ "Sleepers used vertically [ \"Sleepers used vertically as retaining wall\", \"gradual retaining wall\" ] # # ] # #

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Upright railway sleeper garden bed For 1810 retainer walls on sides? Could easily make it taper to ground slope.

You will want to plant these corms (a type of bulb)  in full sun and in well drained soil after danger of frost.   You would plant them 3-4 inches deep with flat side down and about 5 inches apart.  A great technique is planting  multiples of them a week apart to have glads blooming all summer into fall!

Glorious Gladiolus (Plant close together so they come up in a shock of glory). This reminds me of my dad's gladiola bed that he tended so carefully.

Raised flower beds railway sleepers

Raised flower beds railway sleepers : We have all these tall trees that have big uneven mounds. Would like to have raised beds with railroad ties around. Or I would like safe rockeries as we have so many huge beautiful stones about.

Three Seasons of Beauty Garden | Springhill Nursery Pre-Planned Garden

Fall * A - 1 Little Business Daylily B - 1 Blue Queen Salvia C - 3 Gay Butterflies Butterfly Plant * D - 1 Variegated Weigela * E - 1 Goldsturm Rudbeckia * F - 1 Dwarf Burning Bush G - 3 Mixed Hardy Primrose H - 1 Wood's Pink Dwarf Aste

The Urban Domestic Diva: GARDENING: Garden plan a week, Week 2, Three Seasons of Beauty

The Urban Domestic Diva: GARDENING: Garden plan a week, Week Three Seasons of Beauty - Breakfast room bed - Flower Beds and Gardens

Gardening season is upon us. Grow an amazing garden that will make your friends jealous this year with these brilliant gardening hacks...

Weed killer- Vinegar, Salt and Dawn. I made a batch of this today and within hours the weeds were dead. It really worked. I am thrilled, because it is cheap, natural and easy