Personal work is personal AND professional growth! Great article by Lindsay Adler about doing shoots "just for you!"

I really like the idea of doing some face/body painting. We have a lot artistic people in our class and maybe we could ask people in art if they would be willing to do some face and body painting. Just a thought.

the compostable costume ... flower artist Azuma Makoto

Leaf Man by Azuma Makoto

Flower artist Azuma Makoto created the work ‘Leaf Man’, blending human and plant that appears frequently in his dreams. In those dreams, there is a mysterious creature that neither comes closer nor.

Nick Cave, Soundsuits, wearable mixed media sculptures

A flower Sound costume by Nick Cave "Soundsuits" up to tall are used by dancers, in videoed performance images cc - click through for more - Check out the leggings!

I would like to think that inside all of us holds this ammount of beauty!

May floral hats and crowns be the wave of the future//(via Nicole Hill- Confetti Garden