Green Gadgets

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Nokero solar light bulb.

Nokero solar light bulb with 4 integrated solar panels and 4 wide-angle LEDs; this eco-friendly lamp converts regular sunlight into hours of after-dark lighting.

Free pdf on how to build five different things to making the best use of available energy.

How-to and basic explanations for building 5 different solar/fuel efficient wood stoves.

Solar-Powered Hamster Ball Purifies Water for Drinking

Solar-Powered Hamster Ball Purifies Water for Drinking

High tech Africa: Solar Ball (Portable solar device creates potable water) Just a prototype.

Light bulbs made of paper. Hmm..

Lightbulbs Made of Paper Eliminate Packaging

Designer Tien-Ho Hsu has come up with a concept idea to reduce the amount of waste created by lightbulbs and their packaging. The solution, as this design presents, is emulsion-covered paper that glows when hooked up to an electricity source.

Lantern concept grows sapling trees while you hike!

Lantern Concept Grows Sapling Trees While You Hike

tree-planting lantern - The tree-planting lantern designed by Franklin Gaw is an innovative concept for campers to preserve the planet while camping in the wilderness.