Jane Austen: Giving women unrealistic expectations since 1811. Ha!! #prideandprejudice #darcy #senseandsensibility #besteverwritten

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book nerd humor

19 Hilarious Jokes All Book Nerds Will Appreciate


Through time,it could even totally eradicate it...probably...

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Reading therapy. :)

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Always ⚡️



I am one of those people, where getting into a conversation with me, is like walking into Diagon Alley. You didn't mean to, but you always end up talking about Harry Potter with me. Its like going to the store and walking down your favorite aisle. There is no returning from it.

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Severus Snape Harry Potter Always <3 poor lily. And serverus's heart just broke ..

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Not sure why I like Professor Severus Snape. Maybe just because Alan Rickman is so brilliant. Love this image and its romantic quotation. #alanrickman #snape

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Snape and Lily, Mirror of Erised. Sometimes I forget that Harry Potter is just a fictional book, and my heart breaks for Snape. What a life that poor man lived through.

Close to You by Elentori on deviantART


Tove Jansson. Little My's reading hour. Books + moomins = goodness.

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One of my favorite dark tower quotes

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Remus Lupin

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the_dark_tower_iii__the_wastelands_by_conzpiracy-d7xjf0t.png (751×1063)

The Dark Tower III: The Wastelands by conzpiracy on deviantART


Cover art for Stephen King's The Dark Tower II, The Drawing of the Three (J'ai Lu). Stocks Door by Guiseppe Porzani (Fotolia Premium) www.fotolia.com/id/51601933 Coastline by epirot (Fotolia Premiu...

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The Dark Tower books by Stephen King. I used to read a ton of Stephen King but never these, and I wanted to.

The Dark Tower: Is Liam Neeson interested in the Gunslinger role?


Do not know this movie, but my current standing with balloons means I will not be seeing it. Clever Posters of Classic Horror Films - My Modern Metropolis - ....the movie is IT by Stephen King.

Clever Posters of Classic Horror Films


Then and Now: Famous Horror Movie Props Take Center Stage in Minimalist Poster Series · Lomography

10 Minimalist Horror Movie Posters


The Dark Tower/Stephen King. One of my favorite quotes maybe a tattoo some day

The Tower Junkie


The Shining - Angoisse & un Nicholson au top de sa folie... #kubrick #theshining #movieposter #retro #vintage

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The Dark Tower (I may or may not have named my first born son after the protagonist of this series...)

Dark Tower - The Dark Tower Wiki


The Drawing of the Three The Dark Tower Stephen King

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Upcoming horror movie "The Overlook Hotel" prequel to "The Shining" is in development. Glen Mazzara (executive producer and writer for several episodes of The Walking Dead) is in talks to script the film. Takes place before The Torrances stay at the hotel. BestHorrorMovieList.com #horrormovies #scarymovies #horror #horrorfilms

Cool Movie-Inspired Retro Travel Posters


The Shining | Stephen King Everyone will always remember Stanley Kubrick's version, but the novel will always trump that movie for me.

Fantastic Stephen King Tribute Posters


"That dog? You couldn't sic that dog on me if I was comin' at you with a straight razor in each hand!" - - Artwork based on iconic horror movies

Stephen King Tribute Posters