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I love you...always

I can see you wearing this

Elizabeth love you

This would be us hahaha

Homeschooling at the dollar store

Lizzie watch this, it's extremely powerful in getting the point across!!

Would you wear one with me???

Who,you? Never :-P

This is awesome!!!!

We need this!!!!!!!!! www.etsy.com/...

Fun fact


Stereotype This!


Beautiful girl...

I think I'll have one of these theme parties for my daughter haha

  • Sammi T
    Sammi T

    Haha when they're a little older hell yes!!!!




Bahaha!! Not PC humor but I died laughing ♥

Teas and what they do

Oh I couldn't help but giggle even though it's awful

Great #homeschool comeback, and approved by Ryan Gosling!

alright. where is this man,seriously?

Haha yeah that sums it up