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Shannon Delaney

Shannon Delaney
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Mountain Vagabond

It’s International Owl Awareness Day, and we’re celebrating these majestic birds with awesome owl photos and facts! With fluffy feathers, large eyes and dramatic facial expressions, these birds of.

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Expressionist Crow – Painting Lesson by Tim Gagnon Studio. In this lesson I show you how to paint an expressive painting of a crow/raven. This lesson is about 40 minutes long. Visit Tim Gagnon Studio at for more information and online lessons.

Expressionist Crow Canvas Size: 11 X 14 Brushes: No. 10 Filbert Brush, Small Angle Brush, Small Liner, Pointed Round Brush Colors: Titan Buff, Titanium W

What amazing artistic vision to see the Raven in this rock (if that's how it was done?) - Ken and Pat Larson

Artists Ken and Pat Larson "Raven with egg" Ceramic We’ve worked together since as a collaborative team since the mid Our collaboration involves no assistants and no set pattern for the interplay.