Polygon anchor chart

This chart will help students to better understand what a polygon is and how to break them up into different categories. If I used this in my classn

Could be adapted into a collage game with pre-cut shapes of various colors and sizes. Kids would place the shapes first, rolling the die a specified number of times, then rearrange if desired before gluing them down.

shape resources - Shape games and activities - ideal for introducing new shapes. Or use the dice to to tell students what shapes to draw in a composition or cut shapes to place in a composition.

Angles with pipe cleaners

An Anchor Chart for Introducing Angles!

Angle Anchor Chart -make & put poster up in their room. Next day have them draw four main angles. Will need is four pipe cleaners, construction paper & tape

So easy! 7 toothpicks per student and stickers.

Types of Lines and Angles Activity

Here is an interactive way to help students identify the difference of special lines, like lines, segments, rays, and more. It is a way to engage your students.

Lots of great ideas for adding art to the classroom! Math and art are a great fit!

Incorporating Art in the Classroom

In an era of high stakes testing, art is sometimes the first thing to go but we as teachers need to find ways to continue providing art experiences for our stud