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Large Skinning and Hunting Knife | Williams Knife

Large Skinning and Hunting Knife

The Reedy

The Reedy is a great all-purpose field knife. Built heavy and durable with a hooked edge, this small hunting knife will be ready for all your chores afield.

The Osceola

This knife has a simple design with a tapered tang and drop point to create perfect balance as you process the morning's harvest or trim a frayed edge from a bowline.

The Capers

The Capers will hold a lasting edge and is ready to be worked and passed down to the generations of outdoors men in your family.

Hunting and Skinning Knife | Williams Knife

Designed to function as an all-purpose hunting and skinning knife, the Coosawhatchie has bridged the gap and become popular for general usage.

The Long Creek

This knife is made to make short work of your catch of the day. The oversized blade is perfect for filleting and cleaning fish.

Double Edged Filet Knife | Fishing Knife | Williams Knife

This filleting knife has a sharp edge on the main side of the blade and a utility edge on the backside of the blade, useful for removing fins and scales from all kinds of fish.

The Chechesssee

The Chechesssee is a standard trout fillet knife best used for cleaning small inshore species fish such as the speckled trout, redfish and flounder.

The Tugadoo

Modeled after a knife an old plantation caretaker used to process big game, the Tugadoo is a real steak knife.