The Way We Were...

These are the things, people, places, ideas and everything else that have come and gone, but live on in our memories and are not forgotten...
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Marilyn Monroe at Ebbets Field, 1957

She Devoured Men The Way She Devoured Cigarettes

U.S. Hell’s Kitchen, New York City 1946 // Louis Faurer

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Marilyn Monroe performing for the troops, Korea, 1954


New York pretzels, September 1959 by Vivian Maier

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Vivian Maier - Street Photographer

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Cars under streetlights in NYC, 1958

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Place Vendôme Paris circa 1940 Robert Doisneau


New York

FashionReporter.TV & StyleReporter.TV - Paris

Brooklyn 1949 Photo: Ralph Morse

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La rue Arthur-Rozier - Paris 19ème

Les anciennes rues de Paris | La rue Arthur-Rozier | 19ème arrondissement

Paris, St Germain des Prés - Café de Flore, 1949, Robert Doisneau

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East 108 Street, New York, September 28, 1959. Vivan Meyer

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Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre Paris IX, en 1961. R. Doisneau

Les anciennes rues de Paris | rue du Faubourg-Montmartre | 9�me arrondissement

Marilyn Monroe

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

paper boy, mid 1945...

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Modeling Shoot

Paris, 1920. Joyce and Sylvia Beach outside the door of Shakespeare and Company on the Rue de l'Odéon.

Joyce - Image Gallery

New York City, 1957...

Wonderful Color Photographs of the USA from the 1950s-1960s

William Faulkner, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris 1920’s


1975... New York City

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Fred Stein Sorry No More Today, New York City 1942

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R Doisneau. La Fontaine 1938

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Vivian Maier Two Children Kissing at Tennis Net, August 1955, 1955

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29 January 1923: a traffic jam in New York City.

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Lower East Side, 1940s

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