Apple Pie Recipe - Take your traditional apple pie and give it a trendy twist by finishing it off with a fringe crust. It's quick and easy, but your Thanksgiving guests will be amazed at the detail!

Apple Pie with Fringe Crust

Pumpkin Spice Cake Pops - The perfect dessert for fall! Make these delicious cake pops as mini treats for your Thanksgiving dinner. Dip in melted Candy Melts candy and decorate.

Pumpkin Spice Cake Pops

Apple Pie Cookies Recipe - You'll be the apple of someone's eye when you serve these apple-shaped apple pies at Thanksgiving dinner! These pies are so easy to make, using the Wilton Apple Cookie Cutter and your favorite pie dough and apple pie filling.

Apple Pie Cookies

Autumn Acorn Harvest Cookies

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Thanksgiving treats so good, they’ll eat ‘em right up!


Looking for Thanksgiving treat ideas? Add these Acorn Harvest Cookies to your dessert table.

Autumn Acorn Harvest Cookies

Impress your guests with a towering, pumpkin-topped, two-tier cake. It’s great for Thanksgiving or any fall celebration.

Welcome to Our Home Autumn Cake

Lots of chocolate to be thankful about on this chubby turkey pop. It’s a brownie pop covered with light cocoa Candy Melts candy, and a malted milk ball for its head!

Plentiful Plumage Turkey Brownie Pop

The first Thanksgiving was surely a historic gathering. These cookie pop characters represent the Indians, Pilgrims and “guest of honor” you might welcome to your holiday table.

Historic Gathering Cookies

How to make "The First Thanksgiving Cake."

The First Thanksgiving Cake

This Thanksgiving, present Tom Turkey in a new way—atop a Crown Pan cake. Use the largest Leaf Cut-Out to form fondant feathers, fashion the torso from cookies, and then watch guests gobble up your flavorful bird.

Feathered Friend Cake

A cornucopia of fall forms, these cookies will be a hit at any autumn event. Use our leaf, pumpkin and fruit cutters to form the cookies; decorate the seasonal shapes with Color Flow Icing.

Fruits of the Harvest Cookies

Lots of chocolate to be thankful about on this chubby turkey pop. It’s a brownie pop covered with light cocoa Candy Melts candy, and it even has a malted milk ball for head!

Plentiful Plumage Turkey Brownie Pop

How to make Pilgrim Cookies using a Gingerbread Boy cookie cutter.

Pilgrim Cookies

Hat’s off to this fantastic fall or Thanksgiving candy treat! Mold this pilgrim hat using the Wilton Cordial Cups Candy Mold.

Pilgrim Hat Candy Cup

Bake and decorate a fun Thanksgiving centerpiece cake and your guests will Gobble It Up!

Gobble It Up Cake

Use decorating stencils, sugars and Color Dust to create Thanksgiving images on this buttercream iced cake.

Autumn Spice Stencil Cake

Looking for a Thanksgiving cake idea? Check out our "Thanks For Our Family Cake."

Thanks For Our Family Cake

How to create autumn-inspired, edible place cards for your holiday table.

Thanksgiving Placecard Markers

Invite this happy couple to your next Thanksgiving Celebration. Your guests will be thanking you for this bountiful treat.

Thankful Couple Cake

Why not give this symbol of the season a place of honor on your Thanksgiving dessert table? It’s a combination of what guest love, all rolled into one. Turkey body is created from a candy plaque made with Candy Melts® shaped in the Sports Ball Pan set. Feathers are made with delicious Roll-Out Cookie recipe and neck and wings take flight with Chocolate Roll-Out Cookie recipe.

They'll Gobble it Up Cookies