WCC promotes, develops and sustain many thriving businesses throughout our community. Support and education for businesses provides growth and increase…
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a flyer for small business networking with people in suits and ties smiling at the camera
an advertisement for women executive group, featuring silhouettes of people and the words it's explosive
Its Explosive!
an advertisement for the game changer breakfast, which is being held by windemee
Morning motivation
a flyer for a business lunch with men in suits and ties giving the thumbs up
Windermere Chamber Event December 11, 2014
an advertisement for the national chamber choir
Chamber Event
a man in a suit and tie is standing with his hands on his hips as if to say, how to survive in today's economy?
a flyer for an event with business people standing in front of the words, join us to join our business network
the flyer for an upcoming event with information about its locations and their sponsors, including business cards
a business card with the words napau segojam on it's front
a business card with the words napau segojam on it's front
a collage of photos with an american flag and a horse statue in the middle
We hope you take the time to look through our website and find out more about joining the Windermere Chamber of Commerce and the many benefits it offers your business or discovering ways to get more involved as a member. Naipaul Seegolam- President /Founder
the flyer for an event with two different logos on it and one has a skull
As President and Founder of the Windermere Chamber of Commerce, and one of the founding member of the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce in 1992. I am proud to represent these great organizations. The Windermere Chamber of Commerce is here to support and promote businesses of all sizes and the Windermere community. Thank you for your continued support of our great organization. Naipaul Seegolam- President /Founder
the flyer for an event with images of people and signs in front of them,
June 19, 2013 Event
the logo for windemee chamberer of commerce, which is located in front of a white background
We all enjoy working hard for the support and economic success of our community. Stay ahead of evolving branding trends and make sure your organization is well presented. We are here to help unite businesses with community leaders while providing educational opportunities to assist with involvement in our community efforts. Developing relationships increases brand awareness and building your business to be highly successful in our community.