Samuel: eggs benedict with smoked salmon

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon - I'll probably never eat this in my life being that I don't like the idea of an undercooked egg, but this presentation made me at least consider it for a split second.

Lana: traveling

Travel DIY: Collect vintage luggage tags (or ticket stubs etc.) from your travels to display at home - much better than keeping them hidden in a shoebox somewhere!

Lana's thought

My mom made sure her daughters knew how important it was to never depend on a man. Having a man you want in your life is a good thing. Having a man you love is a wonderful thing. But needing or depending on one, I don't think so.

classic princess cut diamond ring

Princess cut engagement rings are combinations of tradition and fashion. Choose princess cut diamond rings you will get modern shape and amazing sparkling.

Lana's ankle boots

Free People Brooks Ankle Boot at Free People Clothing Boutique. Love them in brown too - PPF.

Serimpi, Java traditional dance

Serimpi, Java traditional dance

movie storyboard

Movie storyboard has lots of directions. Contrast is a major part of this board.

Samuel: coffee and newspaper

'Master of Coffee' Gennaro Pelliccia shares his three tips on making the perfect brew at home - use decaff if caffeine raises your anxiety.

Lana: tuna sandwich

I just made this up one day throwing some things together. it turned out pretty awesome!

Samuel & Lana: in the morning

Weekend morning date or even 'dinner at idea - Breakfast in bed is such a romantic thing to do for him. Love this and love making my man food.



knowledge is the most powerful weapon

knowledge is the most powerful weapon