Free & DIY Bird Toys

We feel that you don't have to spend a king's ransom to keep your bird's cage filled with bird toys necessary for their overall enrichment. We feel the toys in a bird cage I like the leaves of a tree they would live in a while. They're there for them to forage and to feel comfortable by the cover they provide. Every bird cage should have at least 10 toys in the top third of the cage

Free & DIY Bird Toys

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Making your own bird toys with parts saves money and helps match the toys to your bird

Make Big Bird Toys Fast & Cheap -

how to make bird toys from dollar store items

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6 Each 14 mm Nickel Plated Liberty Bells for Small Bird Toys

Natural Munchie Woven Vine Chew up Bird Toy Parts 1 Inch Ball 6 Each

White Paper Chew Lolly Stix Paper Sticks for Bird Toys 25 Pieces -

Add to toys for shredding appeal. Stuff a Chinese finger trap with nuts, pellets, crinkle paper or millet to make a foraging foot toy. Parrots enjoy shredding finger traps.

  • Kylie Ilton
    Kylie Ilton

    where can you get these from please

Bottle Cap forager

Hanging box filled with paper and treats

How to make a bird toy part 2

DIY bird toy - foraging

  • iv someyoungmi
    iv someyoungmi

    My bird would love this!!!

birdie play mobile

  • marion saragosa
    marion saragosa

    This is awesome. I am going to get some embroidery hoops of 3 different sizes to try my hand at making one of these for my guys. Thanks for sharing!

Great way to recycle wicker Easter baskets. Bird toys!!

  • Sharon

    Easter basket! Brilliant!

Rice cakes!

  • Lynn McClain
    Lynn McClain


  • Sharri Bronas
    Sharri Bronas

    What a great idea!

  • Catherine Tobsing
    Catherine Tobsing

    Love it, simple and yummy.

Dollar store ideas for inexpensive bird toys!

birdie play mobile

  • Rhonda Glenn
    Rhonda Glenn

    How do you make this birdie play mobile? I want to make one for my two baby cockatiels.

  • Kathi Starecki Quinn
    Kathi Starecki Quinn

    Thanks for the inspiration. I made one with 2 wreath frames and a basket for the bottom level. Now my Indian Ring Neck can hang out with me while I am working in my home office! THANKS

  • Heather Krause
    Heather Krause

    how do you make something for a little cocatiel to bite, and scrath, and chew?

This is a really cute idea! Put the toy box inside the #birdcage. Love it!

Foraging toy for #parrot, genius

dollar store bird toys awesome to make for Charlie & Stormy. I would be "Birdie Mom" of the year.

Homemade #BirdToys

wiffleballforage #birdtoy

  • Little Peep
    Little Peep

    I'm heading to the dollar store this weekend...also Big Lots recently had some GREAT bird toys for $1.50 ($$ at Petco.)

  • InStyle-Decor Hollywood
    InStyle-Decor Hollywood

    ..thanks for sharing

  • Maya Lovinlife
    Maya Lovinlife

    I'm always one to love a bargain, but be careful at Petco, and even more so at Dollar-type stores for toys that might have lead or unhealthful paint (instead of food dye). Best bet is to buy American. Which, with pet products, can be difficult unfortunately. I dye my DIY wood bird toys, something made with Popsicle sticks for example,with food-grade dyes.