Free & DIY Bird Toys

We feel that you don't have to spend a king's ransom to keep your bird's cage filled with bird toys necessary for their overall enrichment. We feel the toys in a bird cage I like the leaves of a tree they would live in a while. They're there for them to forage and to feel comfortable by the cover they provide. Every bird cage should have at least 10 toys in the top third of the cage
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Plastic chain - versatile & renewable bird toy

Stainless steel wire is safe for birds

The Greenwing Macaw Blue-front Amazon Rescue Caper part 1/2

Make Cheap Bird Toys Using Renewable Hardware

Popcorn the Cockatiel takes on Popcorn the bowl

EZ trick to help your bird accept a new food

Bird toy guide - extend the life of expensive interactive bird toys

Bird toy hack - yucca foraging kabobs morphs into several bird toys

Cockatiel foraging area in home office

The Coconut Oil Video Guide for Birds & Beards

Can a great bird foraging toy come from Tinkle Turf made for dogs?

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28 Piece Wooden Collection Kit to Create Your Own Bird Toys by Living World

34 Piece Acrylic Collection Kit to Create Your Own Bird Toys by Living World

Make Big Bird Toys Fast & Cheap -

12 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire by the Foot for Making Bird Toys

6 Each 14 mm Nickel Plated Liberty Bells for Small Bird Toys ~ Brug gerne klokker af rustfri stål, eller nikkel lamineret☺️

Natural Munchie Woven Vine Chew up Bird Toy Parts 1 Inch Ball 6 Each

White Paper Chew Lolly Stix Paper Sticks for Bird Toys 25 Pieces -

Add to toys for shredding appeal. Stuff a Chinese finger trap with nuts, pellets, crinkle paper or millet to make a foraging foot toy. Parrots enjoy shredding finger traps.

Travel Crate Idea

Bottle Cap forager

Hanging box filled with paper and treats

How to make a bird toy part 2