Bacon Wrapped New Potatoes

Bacon Wrapped New Potatoes 15 small new potatoes; 5 slices bacon, cut into thirds; 1 ounce) package ranch dressing mix Wrap each potato w/bacon, secure w/toothpick, sprinke w dressing mix.

More baby stuff

On-A-Stick: Baby Blanket Pop (really cute baby shower gift ideas!) to stick in the diaper cake

Door of Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Italy

Saint Francis of Assisi church portal in Ouro Prêto, Minas Gerais, BR taken by Frans Harren

cherry cherry pops

Try Cherry Apple Whiskey Sour Popsicles! You'll just need 3 cup(s) cherries, 1 large green apple, 1 lime, 1 cup(s) whiskey, cup(s) sweet and sour mix.

Hanging garden  Namba Park, Osaka

Gallery of Namba Parks / The Jerde Partnership - 8

T-shirt ---> Workout shirt.

DIY Workout Top - another great use for t-shirts you dont wear anymore or are uncomfortable to work out in :-) things-to-make-during-the-summer