A leopard appaloosa mule colt. The mule is a sterile cross between a horse and a donkey. This young man has obviously inherited his striking pattern from his horse parent, as donkeys do not display appaloosa patterning.

<3 Good Morning All....how sweet are these little faces??? Set all my clocks back last night..Oh Yea!!! Next Week....boy that would have messed me up big time....Hope all have a blessed, safe and loving day....ttyl Heeee Hawwwww......

How can the day get off to a bad start when you have the donkeys waiting and eager to see you first thing in the morning? Two cute little donkeys with sweet face and pleading eyes! Courtesy: Clovercrest Miniature Donkey Stud, Pukekohe (New Zealand).

Donkeys have been working animals for at least 5000 years! In prosperous countries, the donkey may live up to 30-50 years.

Donkeys - arguably the noblest beasts in all of the animal kingdom. The ass is sober, patient, sure-footed, has good stamina and contrary to common belief is not stubborn. African and Asian wild asses are the same species as the domestic donkey.

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I see your cute cows and present to you my father's donkey. Happy as can be.


Brandy no longer sleeps with a baby monitor now that she's given birth to her foal, Stormy. Their Elkmont owners use baby monitors in hopes of hearing when one of their miniature donkeys is giving birth. mom and baby