"Lacey" by Christopher Peddecord

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Supercell thunderstorm in Montana. Photo by Sean Heavey. Boston.com

National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010

This is an awesome picture. Supercell Thunderstorm by Sean Heavey, nationalgeographic: A supercell thunderstorm rolls across the Montana prairie at sunset. This was a winning shot in the 2010 National Geographic Nature Gallery Photo Contest.

While Nightingales Wept: a model captured running though the woods in Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland Series

Woman, 36, who lost mother to brain cancer creates breathtaking fantasy land photo series in her memory

A woman reading on the subway, NYC, 1957.  Inge Morath, The Inge Morath Foundation / Magnum Photos

New York City. A woman reading on the subway, 1957 ©Inge Morath ©The Inge Morath Foundation / Magnum Photos

Terrible, yet fabulous posture.

Make time to read things you enjoy. Photo: Woman reading on park bench, Central Park, New York, 1957

Long exposure of moths flying around a light. Photo by Steve Irvine. Boston.com

National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010

Moth Trails at Night: Fluttering wings leave lacy trails as moths beat their way to a floodlight on a rural Ontario lawn. The midsummer night’s exposure, held for 20 seconds, captured some of the hundreds of insects engaged in a nocturnal swarm.

Love is love

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. Beautiful pictures and a really great article in Out Magazine that demonstrates the kind of loving relationship all couples (gay or straight) should strive for. pretty-people-in-b-w


Sea Cliffs, Normandy, France

Sea Cliffs - Normandy, France My father was part of the invasion on D-Day at Normandy during WWII. what a beautiful place it is now. God bless all the men that lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy and during the war.