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Coffee Bean Cookies

Coffee Bean Cookies: Make Your Kitchen Smell Like a Cafe

2-Ingredient Failproof Biscuits

This biscuit recipe calls for only two ingredients and are as easy as easy gets!

Hanjuku Japanese Cheesecake: Moistness That You Can Hear

Moist, rich and yet not heavy on the palate, this Hanjuku Japanese Cheesecake with a soufflé-like texture hits all the right spots.

Lychee Rose Cupcakes

Lychee and rose are a taste made in heaven. This recipe yields delicious and moist lychee rose cupcakes frosted with silky rose swiss meringue buttercream!

Classic Banana Bread: So Moist and Fluffy You'll Want Seconds!

An easy classic banana bread recipe that produces a moist and fluffy bread every time.

Chocolate Mochi Cake: Mochi or Cake?

This Chocolate Mochi Cake has a texture in between mochi and cake. It is chewy in the centre and posses a fine-crumbled interior like a cake.