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tugging at the heart strings

beautiful displays of love and affection

Barack Obama with Malia and Sascha

Love this quote (Mother and Child)

A child hugs his mom during Justice for Trayvon rally

this is beautiful.

this is so special...just know how much most cats don't like water

Best Friends Reunited

First Lady, Michelle Obama brushing her husband's shoulder.

Tuscany Inspired Engagement Couple Meadow

Tyson Chandler carries wife in for NY Fashion Week #chilvary

brother & sister SO FREAKIN ADORABLE

President Barack Obama look at that face.

A gentleman.

I love being married to my very best friend!

True compassion: Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world. they have been known to rescue other animals such as trapped dogs.

Lena Horne hugging her brilliant daughter Gail Jones, backstage at the York Playhouse on October 6, 1960 after Gail made her stage debut in the musical "Valmouth." Gail Jones is now Gail Buckley and the author of several books including The Hornes: An American Family.” Photo: Bettman/Corbis.

This mother can’t hold back the tears as she embraces her daughter.