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Best Back-to-School Bullying Prevention Books for Grades 4-6

Books Grade 4-6 teachers can use in the first week of school to start conversations about how to prevent bullying throughout the school year! Visit the links for full lesson plans with discussion and activity ideas. #backtoschool

Best Back-to-School Bullying Prevention Books for Grades 4-6

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Say Something by Peggy Moss. A girl witnesses some children being ignored, teased and bullied at school. Although she watches these incidents, she never does these things herself. When one day she becomes the target of teasing, she realizes that being a silent bystander isn't enough. Full lesson plan at

Jake Drake, Bully Buster by Andrew Clements.This story shows how Jake went from being a 'bully magnet' to a 'bully buster.' In Grade 2, Jake meets a boy called Link Baxter who exhibits bullying behaviours. Jake struggles to avoid being Link’s target until one day the teacher assigns Jake and Link to work together on a class project. Through this experience Jake learns strategies to stop bullying when it happens. Full lesson plan at

Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig. D.J.'s friend Vince has a habit of teasing people and then saying, “Just kidding!" as if this statement will make everything okay. But D.J. feels that Vince’s jokes often have a “sharp edge” that can “cut you into pieces.” With the help of his father, brother, and teacher, D.J. learns to take positive action in response to the harmful teasing and two seemingly harmless words, “Just kidding!” Full lesson plan at

Mr. Peabody's Apples by Madonna. One Saturday, beloved teacher and coach Mr. Peabody finds himself alone on the ball field. He wonders where everybody is until the bat boy shows up. A student saw Mr. Peabody take apples from the market, he says, and spread a rumour he was a thief. The story teaches that what matters is the truth, not how things appear, and that we must choose our words carefully to avoid hurting others. Full lesson plan at www.witsprogram.c...

I Like Who I Am by Tara While. Celina, a young Mohawk girl moves to her mother’s home reserve. Celina is teased because she looks different from the other children. The teasing intensifies with more people becoming involved in the taunting and exclusion. Celina talks it out with her grandmother and discovers that being Mohawk is more than just the way you look. Full lesson plan at www.witsprogram.c... #backtoschool