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I love art, especially Baroque, Venetian Renaissance, Impressionism, gothic architecture and stained glass*
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"This fine art print features sacred lotus flowers in an art deco style. NOTE: This is not an actual stained glass piece, it is a paper print that is ready to be framed. The print is in square format.  Please choose your print size from the drop down menu. This print is available in sizes ranging from 8\"x 8\" to 36\" x 36\". The image will be printed on beautiful premium quality archival photographic paper, ready to be framed. Prints are made to order and will ship within 3 business days direct
Pin by lena on Einrichtung in 2023 | Glass window art, Stained glass ...

Stained Glass

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Андрей Боравик "Букет из васильков". Холст, масло, 70х40 см, 2018г.
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Oil Painting

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Anna Dittmann's Ethereal Portraits
Lady in Red - ©Manticora-Miorro (via deviantART)

Digital art

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a stained glass window with purple flowers and green leaves in front of a blue sky
Pin by lena on Einrichtung in 2023 | Glass window art, Stained glass ...
a tote bag with a woman's face and watercolors on it
Bait by escume on DeviantArt
a bronze statue of a woman with her arms outstretched
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a glass sculpture in the middle of a room
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a tall building with a large mural on it's side
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a woman's body is painted on the side of a building with colorful spray paint
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a woman in white dress floating under water
athornsphoto - Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photographer
a wooden swing with the words, my house isn't fancy
a watercolor painting of trees on a white paper with blue, green, yellow and red colors
36 Watercolor Techniques, 72 Video Tutorials & Free Painting Ideas
a painting of a red panda sitting on top of a tree branch
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K A T on X
K A T on X
a colorful butterfly flying through the air with lots of paint splatters on it's wings
Watercolour Paintings 59
a watercolor painting of a bird sitting on a branch with red and orange feathers
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a watercolor painting of a pink flamingo standing on one leg with its head in the air
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a painting of a woman walking on the beach