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Parallax scrolling examples and the best practices you need to know.
9 parallax scrolling examples that will inspire your next website
Parallax scrolling examples and the best practices you need to know.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a green surface with an abstract design behind it
4 common web app development challenges and how to overcome them
These are the four challenges developers most frequently encounter when building web apps (plus their solutions).
the product is labeled with an arrow pointing to it's label and description information
What is collaborative design (and why is it so important)?
Design is more than making things look pretty; it’s solving problems as a team.
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How to create a successful website design proposal
Follow this end-to-end guide to win your next client with a compelling website design proposal.
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5 Wix Studio developer workflows that help you go bigger, faster
Wix Studio's robust dev capabilities help your agency cater to clients more efficiently (and scale faster as a result).
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How to design 404 pages that will turn your users' frustration into delight
10 ways you can design better, more human 404 pages—with examples.
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How to pitch Wix Studio to different types of clients
Highlight Studio’s key benefits, so you can score new business and deliver stellar work.
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How to make a responsive website
Responsive web design allows precise control over your layout at every viewport. Here are expert tips to bring your vision to life.
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How mouse parallax effects engage and delight site visitors
This essential guide to mouse parallax includes best practices, live examples from the web and a peek into the no-code effect on Wix Studio.
three different type of font on a blue and purple background with the words aaaa above them
Never be confused by typefaces vs. fonts again: here’s how they’re different
Never be confused by the typographic terms again: we break down the difference with this explainer.
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The OFFF Barcelona 2024 inspiration report
Inspiration from top creatives including creative coding, immersive video, AI for ideation, and more.
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Is time running out for TikTok? Here’s how to get ahead of it.
These five practices can help brands overcome TikTok risk and hold onto their hard earned fans, ban or no ban.
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How this agency founder builds custom GPTs—and how you can too
Building your own GPTs for creative tasks can increase your productivity and give you more quality control over the output.
an orange and black type of font with arrows pointing to the letters in different directions
Font size guidelines for responsive websites
From desktop to mobile and beyond, here’s how to ensure that your typography is just as responsive as the rest of your website.
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Low-code no-code web development, explained
Inside the low-code no-code movement, its benefits for web designers who want to streamline their process, and the top 10 platforms in 2022.