Structured pleated jacket by Burberry

Burberry - Back pleat military jacket. I love this! First thing I am buying when I make enough money is a burberry coat

Necklaces for necklines

Choosing the Right Length for your Necklace

I’ve never really given this much thought, but pairing your jewelry with your neckline certainly makes a difference! Your necklace choice should compliment your outfit; the neckline of your shirt or dress being the most important thing to consider.

How to pack in a carry on suitcase only

How to pack for Europe in a carry on suitcase only. (I would never take ONLY a carry on to Europe, but might be useful some day)

Always makes you feel sexy & glamorous

Fashion Style Quote - Wear Fabulous Underwear for a Confidence Boost - Need a Mental Confidence Boost? Enjoy Professional Custom Hypnotherapy at the link

iyaaa sih. i have a good manners, tapi gue lebih suka yang messy2 gitu sihh

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“Firecrackers” by Lulu DK

An entry from Spires and Gargoyles

"Firecrackers" by Lulu DK - looks like barnacles! Would be a good pattern for fabric on pillows

Good ideas on how to tie belts that are too big!

How to tie belts that are too big for your waist. Good to know. I hate throwing away belts.

DARYL FERIL, BRANDS IN FULL BLOOM PRADA: whoa - pretty enough to make me love a logo.

DARYL FERIL, BRANDS IN FULL BLOOM PRADA: whoa - pretty enough to make me love a logo. Well, it's not exactly their logo, but shows how a simple logo is best—it can be dressed up on occasion.

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Pinspiration: 20 Cool Fashion Quotes

"Sometimes realize everyone at Walmart is starring at me. Then I remember the side of my head is shaved." << this is what the last person commented XD