Big Dogs That Are Actually Big Softies

What's better than one Rottie? One for the front door and the other for the back. lol Yes they are cute! Our Rottie was one of the best dogs ever!

This dog who waited patiently for his distracted human. | this is the cutest thing ever!!

What a good dog. The sweet dog waits so the little kid can go play in a puddle.

Soldier / Dog reunion--look at that face!

Funny pictures about Police dog. Oh, and cool pics about Police dog. Also, Police dog photos.

italian mastiff cane corso cane corso cane corso cane corso

An old Roman breed. A strong breed with a big heart and a lovable personality, the Cane Corso. Own a Cane Corso!

Five Best Family Guard Dog Breeds

Five Best Family Guard Dog Breeds, notice that Mastiff's take 3 of the Booyah.


As we mentioned yesterday, the incomparable bond between military dog and handler knows no borders. We love this great photo of an Israeli Defense Forces handler and his best friend. (Thank you Heroes for posting this!

The reason I chose this picture is because my family has two dogs and one of them is a Rottweiler.

Rottweiler History & Training/Temperament

5 Dog Breeds For Single Women Rottweilers are great family watch dogs and one of the best companions for single women. They are intelligent, loyal, obedient and strong fellows. They are big, up to about 130 pounds, so not everyone is able to handle a dog


Rottweiler, courageous, yet also gentle and loving, and highly sensitive. This last trait is what is often so horribly abused by the 'people' who hurt a Rotti so cruelly that it becomes the vicious creature so many think they are by nature.