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M. Sobrinho 2

The Mark 46 (Mark XLVI) is the forty-sixth Iron Man Armor created by Tony Stark. This armor was.

Son Goku (VS Frieza) by GoddessMechanic2 on DeviantArt

"I'd rather be a brainless beast than a heartless monster. Pathos of Frieza - Dragon Ball Z

Não é tattoo, mas é o Goku.

amazing athletic biceps bpsola dragon_ball dragon_ball_z fire flying hair humanoid lightning long_hair male muscular not_furry pecs saiyan solo son_goku super_saiyan vein

Akatsuki was the highlight of the Naruto series. Don't deny it.

The original Akatsuki will remain the most formidable and most dreadful evil organization. what an amazing piece of art work!