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How To Build A Clay Oven  Knowledge Weighs Nothing blog  Tips, Tutorials and Reviews on Homesteading,   Survival Skills, Prepping & Self-Sufficiency.

If you have the space, why don't you have a clay/earth oven? They: Are easy to build Look amazing Cost next to nothing to build Cook food Cost nothing to run So why don't more of us have one? From an aesthetic point of view, you could warrant building.


Pirate Skull for makeup I'm going to do.


Keira Knightley - Pirates of the Caribbean

Keep to the Code! @twogonecoastal

Keep to the pirates code! That's an order, you scurvy swabs!

Pirates...I wish.

There is a word for people who fuck everything. It is not "pirate.

Martin Deschambault, concept art for Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

Sensible Survival: Build a Bamboo Survival Bow in 30 Minutes

15 bow strung with yucca string

Native American Survival Skills - #survival #selfsufficiency

Native American Survival Skills - interesting history we need to remember

19th_century_knowledge_traps_and_snares_portable_snare_1.jpg 453×497 pixels

century knowledge traps and snares portable snare

#Preppers/Survivalist #Caltrops (tires) Self Protection (Early Warning System) Easy to Make, Cheap & Effective.

Awesome Caltrops - Ninja weapon- to protect against vehicle and foot traffic.