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There's no reason to be sad...

There’s no reason to be sad…

'You can't be sad when you're holding a cupcake.' - Kid President -- Are you having the mid-week blues? Have a cupcake!

WWIII in my uterus

Plain and simple, Insanity Wolf is bats insane. He'll dominate you, make you cry, kill your puppy and laugh about it all night long. Insanity Wolf is everything .

Rottenecards - Dear Boss, First of all, I would like to let you know I'm typing this with my middle finger.

Let Her Sleep…

Let Her Sleep…

Let her sleep, night shift nurses:) Need this for my bedroom door

that could mean lots of things like Pinkie finger - Pinkie promise. Ring finger - I do. Middle finger - Fuck you. Pointer finger - Yea, you Thumb - I'm okay.

@Rachelle Munoz :)

"Once you lick the frosting off a cupcake it becomes a muffin.and muffins are healthy. You're welcome :)" I KNEW IT! Cupcakes are healthy!