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a little catcone.

I want this for my entry way in my dream house, above the rain coats, rain boots, and umbrellas!!!!

I want this black cat picture for my entry way in my dream house, above the rain coats, rain boots, and umbrellas!

Creative... I like it

Moonshine exhibition poster (Gallery Nucleus) by Jon Klassen. Such a beautiful design with a unique use of type.

Sun and moon tattoo

Maybe add the stars under my current moon sun tattoo on my back.

Wolf in sheep skin by Kevin Harald Campean, via Behance

There's always been that one saying " a wolf in sheeps clothing". If a wolf is dressed up as a sheep, the other sheep won't run off. Then the wolf can kill and eat the sheep. So he is dressed as a sheep to deceive the real sheep.

They always have the best posters.

The Decemberists gig poster by Daniel Danger

The Art of Poster - The largest collection of Polish posters

Winners of the International Poster Biennale Warsaw 2014 GOLD MEDAL Wieslaw Rosocha, Poland

The Anatomy of a Mushroom art print | Rachelignotofsky #etsy

The Anatomy of a Mushroom - Rachel Ignotofsky

Bo Lundberg

Stockholm 67 — Giclée Art Print by Bo Lundberg


Apollo 13 poster by Justin Van Genderen

drawing art hippie boho moon stars sun Spiritual

Beautiful Tattoo Sun Moon Tattoo Sun Tattoo Sun Drawing The Moon

black white cat

CATS as pop. Sebastiano Ranchetti, Wishful kitten print, via Etsy.

IllustrationWeston-super-mare No color, but has similar geometry to the crystal. Gives the owl a lot of texture.

30 illustrations graphiques autour des animaux - Inspiration graphique #9

The owl has a lot of great texture. It is made with simple geometric shapes. The owl is still powerful in black and white. It's an interesting crop of the owl. I wish I could see more of the owl like his wings.

Disney Minimalist Posters

Cartoon Collage Illustrations

The Little Mermaid - Minimalist Disney movie posters by Rowan Stocks-Moore These are amazing - I can stare at them for hours


The Shawshank Redemption Minimal Movie Poster by Daniel Norris--among the best journeys made between Steven King's book to the screen