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Passive aggressive raven

The Passive Aggressive Raven: "One of our favorite cartoonists, Jim Benton, has a special take on Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous work, The Raven. Quoth the raven, 'Nevermind.

Juliana Santacruz Herrera - fabric-filled potholes in Paris.

i wish i could see this in person. and create my own version in the cracks of my backyard cement. such beauty. * insta: outofthekit -Street Art in the cracks of Paris by Juliana Santacruz Herrera. Knitting potholes with a touch of color!

Photograph of a white blood cell attacking a pathogen. Taken with a scanning electron microscope - Imgur

It’s a trap! In this awesome microscopic image, an amoeba reaches out a spindly pseudopod to trap a Legionella pneumophila bacterium. This isn’t curtains for the little green bacterium, though; once ingested, L. pneumophila can live inside the amoeba