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Protecting Authenticity and Fighting Counterfeiters With gTLDs

Why Instagram pulled its photos from Twitter...

New research finds that 72% of businesses that use social media do not have a clear set of goals or a clear strategy for their social media platforms. This lack of direction is happening despite the fact that 60% of Americans use some sort of social media, according to the Pew Research Center.

Many celebrities and politicians on Twitter — often with millions of followers — typically have more than 30% fake followers. (via Mashable)

Facebook is weeding out fake "Likes" on its social network that are being caused by spammers, malware and black marketeers as it strives to maintain credibility as an advertising platform.

Saudi Arabia objects to a variety of new top-level domains including .wine, .catholic, and .gay.

The Saudi Arabian government is objecting to 31 proposed new top level domains, including .gay, .bar, .baby and .islam.

A college student registered to protect the domain name from potential abusers. He said he’s a big supporter of the ticket, he’s not looking to cash in on the domain, and said he would transfer it to the campaign if asked. He also registered (Paul Ryan's wife) and (which he plans to keep blank.

IOC showing it doesn't "get" social media at London Games

IOC showing it doesn't "get" social media at London Games

High text and Twitter use believed to have caused problems for broadcasters at Olympics.

Yahoo Voices password vulnerability fixed, company says...

'Internet Doomsday' has minimal impact ...

4 (very possible) ways the Internet could go down! (CNN Tech)

Internet blackout for thousands coming Monday (& what you need to know to protect yourself)!

Google Shutdowns Continue: iGoogle, Google Video, Google Mini & Others Are Killed ...

Facebook email mess spreads to mobile phones!

5 Bad Habits Small Businesses Have With Social Media (IP WatchDog)

Whoops ... CNN, Fox fail the Supreme Court ruling!

The Day After Its 1.2 Billion Purchase By Microsoft, Yammer Goes Down!

Facebook Changed Everyone’s Email Address to!! Here’s How to Fix It:

Twitter crashes hard, Internet freaks out and can't tweet it!!!