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At The How Does the Brain Retain Information Infographic presents some interesting ideas about memory retention and the process of learning.


Your Brain on Prescription drugs - the rise of RX drug abuse. its up to us to be the next generation of health!

Know Your Brain Chemistry Infographic Don't love the all or nothing verbage here but it's pretty good if you already have a basic understanding

infographic: Find Balance: Know Your Brain Chemistry Infographic - Moods are dependent on brain chemistry. Understanding essential neurotransmitters can help understand emotions.

Spectacular 'Edge-On' Galaxy

Just incredible 🌸 Use of Chile European Southern Observatory the (ESO) of ultra-large telescope VLT (VLT), the team break away from the galaxy ESO 243 in 49 ultra-bright X-ray source an optical spectrum of their record acquired have.

Burnout-Prävention © Brian Jackson – Fotolia.com

Paper: 13 x 13 Image: 12 x 12 Black and white with touch of red. Art poster, featuring a person with red umbrella during a storm. Available on heavy weight poster paper.

Standortbestimmung: Wo stehe ich? Wo will ich hin? Die  Welt ist voller Möglichkeiten. Finden Sie es heraus.  © Sergey Nivens - Fotolia.com

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The sharpest view of the Orion Nebula that the Hubble telescope has ever provided

Carina Nebula's region around the unusually hot massive young star WR a member of the rare class of Wolf–Rayet stars: