Just a Weasley boy Born and raised down in the Burrow He took the Hogwarts train the going anywhere. Just a black haired boy, livin with a lighting scar, took the hogwarts train going anywhere.

'Turn on the Light' Harry Potter Inspired Switch Plate

'Turn on the Light' Harry Potter Inspired Switch Plate. Wolf I desperately hope Q wants an HP room one day- or this may be my craft room plate.

HOW DO I GET THESE??? These are awesome.  I totally want them all!

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I LOVE that someone finally made Harry's eyes green lol. It always bothered me that he had blue eyes in the films.

Harry Potter cupcakes

Harry Potter cupcakes, I would totally make this for a Harry Potter party!

Why Harry Potter > Twilight

Now, Twilight isn't all that bad, but you just can't compare the female leads (or the books/movies/anything really).Hermione and the Harry Potter Series are SO MUCH BETTER than Bella and Twilight.

seeing this makes me kinda sad because it's the only time Fred and George got to see each other old. but it's still one of my favorite parts in The Goblet of Fire.

Harry Potter

Blast From The Past: Actors Revisit Their Most Famous Roles While Wearing Normal Clothing Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint - The "Harry Potter" Series