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Your Best DIY Projects

Pin your favorite original DIY home projects here, and you just may be featured in the pages of Woman's Day! Visit to request to become a contributor to this board. We're especially interested in DIY holiday gift wrap and tag ideas. (Please don't post projects you didn't do yourself or projects not related to home.)

Your Best DIY Projects

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Super Simple Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe - made in less than 30 min!

How to update a frame or make it more interesting. It only takes a few minutes and is inexpensive! #LiveLikeYouAreRich

Install a New Fixtures in a Bathrom | #diy #bathroom #bathroomremodel #remodel

Tutorial (and free pattern) to turn old jeans into a durable play crown - this will last way longer than construction paper play crowns!

DIY Summer Wreath - add a little color/nautical theme to welcome guests to your home in the summer time!

80+ of the BEST Patriotic Tutorials

GREAT tips and tricks for an organized nursery closet!

Italian Tortellini Salad. A side dish that you will definitely want to have on your table at your next barbecue.

Video Tutorial on Painting Furniture with MudPaint - by The Color Cottage

Coconut Grapefruit Sugar Scrub - a refreshing scrub that leaves your skin soft. Recipe at

15 Wonderful DIY ideas to Upgrade the Kitchen10

Updating clay pots with stencil and paint

15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas 10

Kitchen Solutions in Budget

Easy and Delicious Reese's Chocolate Chip Brownie Bars at Sweet Rose Studio

All-Natural Fruit And Vegetable Wash Spray - remove pesticides and wax from produce

How to Restore an Old Fire Pit

Great And Cheap Old Door ideas for Home Decor 10

5 of my best quick and do-able freezer organizing ideas to simplify your life and meal prep! www.settingforfou... #testdrivemoms