Gym Confessions

Gym Confessions

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#GymConfessions : After a spin class, you're sore in all the wrong places (ouch!). If that's the case, your handlebars could be to blame.

#Gym Confessions: This Hurts!
  • Keelyn Irwin
    Keelyn Irwin

    Omg after 25 miel

  • Kristy Bergstrom Austin
    Kristy Bergstrom Austin

    YES!!!! True story!!!

  • Emily Yates
    Emily Yates

    I teach spin. It takes most people 3 classes to get over being sore down below

  • Owen Kerswell
    Owen Kerswell

    Me to

  • Nikkie B
    Nikkie B


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#GymConfessions: Racing the person on the treadmill next to you. Do you do it?

Gym Confessions: Treadmill Racing
  • Hala Ajaj
    Hala Ajaj


  • Kjirsten Worthing
    Kjirsten Worthing

    I sometimes do that when I lap swim.

  • Sylvia

    yup, everyime

  • Stephania Salis
    Stephania Salis

    I'm always doing this! 😁

  • Anna

    Haha! I always have to be the fastest on longest duration but pretend I haven't even noticed anyone else :-)

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#GymConfessions : Your spin instructor tells you to crank up the resistance. You pretend to (or actually turn it down). Do you ever fake your resistance during a too-tough spin class?

#Gym Confessions: Faking It During a Fitness Class
  • Darlene Murdoch
    Darlene Murdoch

    All the time!

  • Suzanna Rivera Sanchez
    Suzanna Rivera Sanchez


  • Betsy Martinez
    Betsy Martinez


  • Donna Edwards
    Donna Edwards

    Only cheating myself if I do coach says "no regrets"! So....push on!

  • Mantumo Mphahlele
    Mantumo Mphahlele

    sometimes can get very hectic

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