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Love and Sex

Advice, tips, and news in relationships, sex, and love

Love and Sex

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Is your guy's penis above or below the average girth size?

Is Your Guy’s Penis Above or Below the Average Girth Size?

Did Your Name Make the List of the 20 Sexiest Names Ever

Did Your Name Make the List of the 20 Sexiest Names Ever?
  • Paulina Salais
    Paulina Salais

    Yes, didn't even expect it

Steal these habits from women who orgasm. Every. Single. Time.

5 Habits of Women Who Orgasm Every Single Time

Yep, we test-rode them. For science.

We Test-Rode Sex on 6 Different Mattresses

You'll never guess the shocking thing men are insecure about in bed.

The Shocking Thing Men Are Insecure About in Bed

Aphrodisiacs aren't the only foods that affect your sex life.

How Your Relationship With Food Affects Your Sex Life

Uh oh—8 signs you've become a total bridezilla.

8 Signs You've Become a Bridezilla

These things you're insecure about? He definitely doesn't notice.

4 Things You're Insecure About That Guys Don't Even Notice

6 ways guys sabotage their sperm every, single day.

6 Ways Guys Sabotage Their Sperm Every Day

The 13 emotionally, soul-crushingly torturous stages of falling in love.

The 13 Emotionally Torturous Stages of Falling in Love

The 441 on your pubes.

What Guys Really Think About Your Pubic Hair

Yep, he definitely practices his seduction eyes in front of the mirror.

Loving himself a little...too much?

What It Means If Your Partner Masturbates a Lot

Why you should be grateful for your guy's good female friend—not jealous.

9 nightmarish stories of erections gone horribly wrong.

9 Nightmarish Stories of Erections Gone Wrong

Seriously, what IS female ejaculation?

Female Ejaculation: Is It Pee or Not?

The MANY different kinds of penises you may encounter in your lifetime.

5 things men worry about the first time they sleep with you.

5 Things Men Worry About the First Time They Sleep with You

The definitive ranking of every Bachelorette breakup.

A Definitive Ranking of Every <em>Bachelorette</em> Breakup

What 7 kama sutra poses look like when you knit them.

What 7 Kama Sutra Poses Look Like When You Knit Them
  • Debbie Jaffie
    Debbie Jaffie

    Umm... who's the guy? Lol

7 MAJOR benefits of cuddling.

7 Major Benefits of Settling

10 thoughts EVERY woman has when she sees a new penis.

10 Thoughts Every Woman Has When She Sees a New Penis

Why guys who take tons of selfies should concern you.

Why Guys Who Take Tons of Selfies Should Concern You

10 really true embarrassing one-night stand fails.

10 Really, Truly Embarrassing One-Night Stand Fails