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5 Little Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Resume

5 Little Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Resume


Top 10 CV Resume Mistakes

This Is What The Ideal Office Looks Like

Visualise data about the representation of women in boardrooms around the world, the reasons for under-representation, quota initiatives, the positive and negative impacts of those quotas, and alternatives to quotas.

Infographic: Women in the Boardroom

Overall, women earn 81 percent of what men earn. But if you look at the numbers closely and by industry, it's a slightly different story. Payscale put this infographic together that offers a closer look at how women's earnings compare to men's:

INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Women Actually Earn Compared To Men

In celebration of Mother’s Day on May 13th, TheLadders released a new survey today revealing that working mothers care more about having flexible hours than any other benefit an employer can offer.

Statistics show women are joining the growing independent consulting sector at a rapid pace. Women make up less than half (47%) of the traditional workforce, but they make up 53% (8.5 million) of the independent workforce.

6 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout

The Avon ‘Everyday Entrepreneur’ Report – so-called by the report author because it has uncovered a new breed of business innovator – reveals that female entrepreneurs are opting to run their enterprises from home and often require little investment to get up and running.

Healthy Eyes in a Digital World

According to this infographic, all-nighters can cause you to lose the ability to read emotions in other people. And chronic sleep deficiency can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

How to design the best business cards

See How Work Email Has Killed The Concept Of Leisure Time

According to this, we eat 1.5x more cupcakes over the weekend. Yes! When we Eat Matters / Massive Health + I shot him #infographic #design #illustration

Where Are All The Women In Science? This Graphic Shows You

"An economy built to last is one where we encourage every talent and ingenuity of every person in this country. That means women should earn equal pay for equal work."

The Gender Pay Gap - See What Inequity in Earnings Costs Women and Their Families Each Year and Over Their Lifetimes

The Gender Pay Gap - See What Inequity in Earnings Costs Women and Their Families Each Year and Over Their Lifetimes

According to this infographic from the corporate wellness site, a 10-minute Facebook break may make an employee better at their job. A recent Academy of Management study that found that employees who were allowed to use Facebook were more productive than co-workers who were not.

Infographic: The Case for Facebook

Want to learn how to work smarter, not harder? A new infographic shares some useful information and mental tricks that can improve both your efficiency and the quality of your work while reducing job stress. It also helps you learn ways to be more productive so you can leave the office at a reasonable time.

According to a new infographic from MBA@UNC Blog, women today are making great strides in terms of starting small businesses, enrolling in business school and filing patents. But this will show you that we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to getting more women on boards and getting more women in the technology industry.

Are you thinking about potential career paths or majors? Have you been to Career Services for an assessment? INFOGRAPHIC: Know Thyself: The Myers-Briggs and Job Satisfaction

Myers-Briggs and Job Satisfaction Infographic | CTU

According To This Graphic, You’re An Idiot If You’re Not Using Social Media For Job Hunting

What is it that bosses do that drive their employees mad?