Make Your Own Mixes

Homemade Dry Mixes ~ the motherload of all DIY mixes broken down into 31 categories and include hundreds of "convenience" mixes like cake mixes, taco seasonings, copycat recipes.

TRIED IT! Homemade Peanut Butter in 5 minutes. Just put peanuts in the food processor and BAM! peanut butter :) Once you try pure fresh homemade PB you'll never go back to storebought - No oil, no salt, works well with almonds and pecans too. all yummy

awesome last minute gift idea for a group cherry pie moonshine Easy and inexpensive Moonshine Recipes Round Up, Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Peach Pie and Orange Creamsicle Moonshine Recipes. No Still Needed

Gift ideas for the family Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Mix - easy, delicious and inexpensive. Great for holiday gifts! Check out this simple fool-proof recipe now!

43 Magical Christmas Mason Jars We Can't Wait to Make

Cute Mason Jar Christmas Gift Ideas to use for neighbor gifts! Mason Jar Santa Claus, free believe christmas tag printable. A Mason Jar Crafts

Chicken Pot Pie (in Mason Jars!)

Cooking with Jax: Chicken Pot Pie (in Mason Jars!use my filling but put in jars lined with dough

S'mores Cake in a Jar

S'mores Cake in a jar. S’mores Cake in a Jar Via: How Sweet It Is makes 4 mason jar cakes For Crust: 1

Baby Food Jar Mug Cake Recipes And Gift Basket

Jar Mug Cake Mix Gifts. (using baby food jars to store the mix in) Recipes and Instructions included with the Tutorial to make the cake mixes.

Canning Homemade!: Canning Pineapple Chunks from Fresh Pineapples. This will come in handy when pineapples go on sale! (I don't think pineapples really go on sale in my area, but great canning recipe regardless!

25 Mason jar cookie recipes - Need a thoughtful, delicious and inexpensive DIY gift? These Mason jar cookie recipes are sure to inspire you. They make great gifts for teachers, babysitters, mail people and more. " Jar Gifts Gifts in a Jar "


If October were a food it probably would be pumpkin bread.pumpkin bread with a crumb topping. Delicious, super moist, and full of autumn flavors! Fall in a jar!

How to Make Strawberry Jam: Hot Damn, This is Good Jam I made a batch using this recipe. Total awesomeness in a jar!(How To Make Butter In A Jar)