Awesome Toys for Blind Babies & Children

It's not so hard to find accessible toys for children who are visually impaired. Here are some of our favorites! This is a group board. Want to be added? Like the board and send a request with your Pinterest name/link to <<<Board rules: Max 5 pins per day, please don't re-pin the same pin multiple times, stay on topic, no spam. Happy pinning!>>>

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Awesome Toys for Blind Babies & Children

Awesome Toys for Blind Babies & Children

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Drain Pipe Drums for a musical outdoors

How do you know which toys will work best for your blind baby? Here are some of our favorite toys.

DIY Sew Cute Pups

Temporal ordering - diapering a doll - uses ordinal postioning terms in play - 1st, 2nd, 3rd...

Freight Train Block Building - exploring books through play with Preschool Book Club #preschoolbookclub #freighttrain

Fun DIY Kids Instruments - great Summer activity!

Good Toys for Blind Kids: Suggestions From Parents This list is made up of regular toys that can be purchased through local shops or toy stores.

ALL PLAY Accessible Toy Guide by Hillary Kleck *repinned by

The best accessible math and number toys for teaching numbers, counting and one-to-one correspondence to blind and visually impaired children.

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Create your own stay-put toy system on your child's tray! This is perfect for blind babies who often throw their toys then can't find them again on their own.

My son declared this THE BEST GAME EVER!

Here's an easy activity that is fun and great for fine motor development and tactile discrimination: fill balloons with different textures from the kitchen (like rice or flour) and squeeze and squish them to see what's inside!

I find that autism and low vision have similar difficulties due to sensory overload.

Anticipators for Young Children with Visual Impairments: Push Toys, Pre-Canes and Long Canes: Early Orientation and Mobility skills for blind children can be taught with pre-canes or push toys (often called anticipators). This article discusses different types of anticipators, how to choose the best one for your child, when to introduce them and how much time you can expect your preschooler to spend with an O and M specialist. *pinned by

The Pioneer Woman baked mashed potatoes. Once you make mashed potatoes this way, you'll NEVER make them your way me!!!

The best accessible math and number toys for teaching numbers, counting and one-to-one correspondence to blind and visually impaired children.

10 SLP Ways to Play: Wind Up Toys

Why are we so afraid of letting our kids play with technology? The best ways to use technology and the best learning apps for preschoolers.

love this for summer fun - freeze toys in ice and let kids use salt, water, tools, etc. to get them out.

DIY Quiet Blocks With Pool Noodles - outdoor classroom. This is way cool. Pool noodles aren't too expensive are they???

Texture Sticks-could be used for fidget toys during circle time. There are some kids that just need to have their hands busy so they don't bother others.

Sensory Visual Toys & Tools | The Sensory Spectrum

In this toy guide, you will learn how to find the best toys for your child who is blind, including what to look for in off-the-shelf toys and how to adapt or make your own toys so they meet your child's needs.