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    Fun Activities for Blind and Visually Impaired Children

    Got a bored kid and don't know what to do? Here are fun accessible games and activities for children who are visually impaired. This is a group board. Want to be added? Like the board and send a request with your Pinterest name/link to <<<Board rules: Max 5 pins per day, please don't re-pin the same pin multiple times, stay on topic, no spam. Happy pinning!>>>

    Fun Activities for Blind and Visually Impaired Children

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    Textured Balloon Activity: Here's an easy activity that is fun and great for fine motor development and tactile discrimination: fill balloons with different textures and squeeze and squish them to see what's inside! This is an especially fun project for kids with visual impairments! *pinned by

    Here's a novel idea for play dough activities: use recyclables as play dough toys. Recycled plastics have some amazing textures for kids to explore.

    Do you know about vestibular input? You should!

    Fun tips and tricks from National Braille Press for teaching your blind child how to tie their shoes independently.

    These handprint mugs are great gifts for kids with visual impairments to make for family members! Nothing will warm your heart or your hands like these sweet handprint mugs!

    Playdough Imprints. Great fine motor exploration for children - using different materials to press down on play dough and see what kind of mark it leaves. Great sensory experience to discover colours, patterns, and textures. Re-pinned by @ARK Therapeutic - visit for all of our therapy related pins

    Use these velcro + textured patterning templates to create your own accessible version!

    Super-easy DIY sensory blocks - a great fine motor sensory toy for babies and toddlers!: Super-easy DIY sensory blocks - a great fine motor sensory toy for babies and toddlers!

    Isn't this Mermaid Tail blanket fun?! You could use a variety of textured materials or layer materials for scales and flippers! #sensory Fleece Mermaid Tail Mermaid Sleeping Blanket by TrinitysTulleBox

    Sometimes kids with visual impairments learn better when they have comparisons to know what "isn't"! I'm going to try this sorting activity with tactile shape pieces!

    This toddler busy board would be perfect for blind kids too!

    Many of these are great for kids who are blind or visually impaired, too! 20 ideas for teaching shapes || Gift of Curiosity

    Multi-sensory and so much fun with a hidden surprise. Make bath time fun again with these Homemade Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs!

    Adapt the game of Hangman for braille readers

    3 Toys for Spinning Your Blind Child Will Love

    Great idea for the kids to learn where the organs in the body go!

    Teach your kids about the fascinating human body with these fun yet informative activities! (via I Can Teach My child) I'm going to school and will be learning about the human body so this will be a awesome way to teach my kids!

    Edible Paint for Kids! It's as yummy as it looks!

    I love games that that don't require any vision to play. This is an easy DIY puzzle that anyone can play by identifying a hidden shape by feel and sound!

    Make a tactile summer memory book with your child who is blind or visually impaired so they can remember what they did over summer break and share with their classmates in the fall!

    A comic book store for the visually impaired! #VisuallyImpaired #Blind #ComicsForTheVisuallyImpaired #ComicsForTheBlind

    Painting with Tea Bags~Explore the senses, practice fine motor skills, and create art with this fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

    Bouncing Bubbles | Activities For Children | Rainy Day Play | Play At Home Mom

    Sensory Hacks for Fidgety Child | Simple solutions that I am going to try today! Such great ideas for the classroom and home!