Music and Blind Children

Music reaches kids and motivates them in amazing ways! Find out how you can use music to help your blind child develop or just have fun creating music crafts! This is a group board. Want to be added? Like the board and send a request with your Pinterest name/link to <<<Board rules: Max 5 pins per day, please don't re-pin the same pin multiple times, stay on topic, no spam. Happy pinning!>>>

Music and Blind Children

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Children love interactive songs, and kids who are blind or visually impaired can learn coordination, body awareness, rhythm, and teamwork. Watch these videos to learn the simple hand motions for your favorite songs!

These chimes would be so easy and fun for kids who love music! Cool idea for a music wall in a sensory room or outside!

Making musical instruments with kids! Great ideas for kids with visual impairments to include music, art and science!

Child-Safe Easter Shaker Eggs | Tiny Tapping Toes

Daria shows us how to grow gourds and turn them into musical instruments like shekeres and guiros! Plant your seeds in the spring and you'll have your own home-grown instruments by the fall!

For All The World’s Children | Multi Kids Music Vids

The bolang gu (pinyin: bo lang gu) is a is a hand-held percussion instrument, also called a monkey drum. Although these simple and fun drums are often seen as children's toys, they actually date back to ceremonies held in ancient China as well as Tibet, Mongolia, India and Taiwan. This PDF shares an easy MYO version of this instrument, perfect for Chinese New Year, Asian studies, world culture studies or musical exploration.

Bolang Gu - A fun and easy craft version of this pellet drum often used as a noise-maker at New years celebrations.

Simple valentine's day game for kids called "Musical Hearts" gross motor game for kids! *repinned by

Add Braille to this tactile music staff for early music education! "Helping Blind Music Students". Some great pre-braille ideas.

Five Fun New Year's Eve Noise-maker Crafts!

MYO Jingle Tubes - an easy and fun Christmas or holiday craft!

Personalized Holiday Songs - How to write a 12 Days of Christmas Carol for your family or sing a special dreydl (dreidel) song for your child for Hanukkah!

Bilingual Board Book - Awesome little book that teaches "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in both English and Spanish. A great song/activity for young children!

Make And Play Your Own Bongo Drums. History of this Afro-Cuban instrument plus a simple craft version to make and play.

Product design - An innovative way to feel music. Designer Jackson McConnell created a waveform speaker for hearing-impaired people to enjoy music.

If you can count the frets - you can play this instrument...! Best Instruments For Young Children – A “Play By The Numbers” Dulcimer!

A Tin Can Dulcimer - How To Play It and A Contest to Win one!

Kids Road Trip Music! Tips on adding music to any journey, plus several mp3 freebies!

A revolutionary 3-D printing system makes music easier to read for blind musicians. Invented by a blind South Korean musician as part of her doctoral dissertation, it makes music accessible to musicians at all levels.

Make Your Own "Jibara-Style" water drum from easy supplies in your home! Great project for musical fun or as outdoor water play!

The Skoog is a soft music cube that you can manipulate to create different instrument sounds. It's accessible to children with various disabilities, including physical disabilities.

Make Your Own Recycled Rattle - a "green" craft activity for outdoor gatherings such as community days, Earth Day, homeschool events, etc.

Make and Play Your Own Cajón Box Drum - a Latin American drum with African roots