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Tactile & Sensory Fun

Sensory and tactile games for children who are visually impaired.

Make your own Tactile book. Visit for more tactile & Sensory Fun ideas!"

5 baby and toddler safe sensory materials for messy play and ideas for presenting them to young children.

This Easter craft is a great process art activity for toddlers and preschoolers - and makes a cute textured bunny too! A great sensory activity!

This is a super simple recipe for homemade nontoxic slime. It's perfect for kids who tend to put things in their mouth while they play because it's safe! It's still gooey and sticky... but it's totally safe to play with.

Time to organize your sensory bins? *Visit for more sensory ideas.

Sensory Play with Shredded Paper! Super fun, messy but not sticky and you can teach clean up afterwards too! Visit for more sensory fun!

1 ingredient edible slime that is super easy to make and totally safe to put in your mouth! *Visit for more accessible sensory activities!

Tactile calendars can be used to help students who are blind or deafblind to learn about the passage of time. *repinned by

backyard bird activities for kids

  • Sarah Enns

    Fun bird activities and printables, plus ideas for special needs children!

FANTASTIC list of gift ideas, dozens of affordable toys and the BSC explains the value

  • Leslie Blazinski

    Great list a lot of these toys I can adapt with braile and textiles always looking for new ideas thanks again for the ideas

Lemon Juice Eruptions Salt Tray - great for kids who are not too thrilled about vinegar.

{DIY} make your own weighted doll

Recipe for homemade scented paint, capturing all the best aromas of fall! This paint is made from common household items and takes two minutes to prepare. *repinned by

Homemade edible finger paint using only water, flour, and food coloring. Perfect for introducing little ones to messy play and basic art. *repinned by

Learning Ideas - Grades K-8: Geometry - Making 3D Shapes with Manipulatives . Use candy that is easy to poke through... The less dense the better... I used dots once and it was a no go because the pretzels broke

baking soda, vinegar & food color experiment

Only two ingredients and an endless day of play...great babysitting activity!

Sensory clothes pins - What would you do with them? *repinned by

  • Lea Mayo

    Good for matching textures with an extra element of fine motor practice.

Art activities are a wonderful way to work on tactile skills and fine motor development, as well as basic concepts, social skills, and language and communication. *repinned by