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La Dolce Vita: This Week's Quote

So true. ~ Charles Eames

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Mega #MrSoSolid (OFFICIALSOSOLID) on Twitter

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Fireplace Makeover Update: How To Seal A Rustic Mantel Beam | The Lettered Cottage

your job.... It's funny cause Everyone's got an Opinion, but what they don't realize is you need to open your mined,Utilize your knowledge and see the hole Picture first before you reply back to a post, Learn to distinguish, analyze, and see differential between Judging vs Perceiving. Or may be the person is trying to Open up your mined and see the Big Picture for you, if U would just take the time and Pay attention. Judging and Perceiving are preferences used in the Jungian Type Inventory. The naming is unfortunately a bit archaic as judging is more than evaluation and intuiting is not about looking at thing. They are about how we approach life: in a structured way or an open, flexible way. Judging Judgers approach life in a structured way, creating plans and organizing their world to achieve their goals and desired results in a predictable way. They get their sense of control by taking charge of their environment and making choices early. They are self-disciplined and decisive, and seek closure in decisions. When they ask for things they are specific and expect others to do as they say. They enjoy being experts. At work, they decide quickly and clearly and work to get the job done. Perceivers may see them as rigid and opinionated. Perceiving Perceivers perceive structure as being more limiting than enabling. They prefer to keep their choices open so they can cope with many problems that the know life will put in their way. They get their sense of control by keeping their options open and making choices only when they are necessary. They are generally curious and like to expand their knowledge, which they will freely acknowledge as being incomplete. They are tolerant of other people's differences and will adapt to fit into whatever the situation requires. At work, they tend to avoid or put off decisions and like most the exploration of problems and situations. Judgers may see them as aimless drifters. So what? With Judgers: Present a timetable and stick to it (or provide maximum warning if not).... Hell Brake Loose Allow time to them to prepare. Show your achievements and results to others Allow closure on consensus items, document those areas that require more work or discussion. Itemize achievements and decisions reached so far. Acknowledge the need for closure and short in time schedules. With Perceivers: Allow time for things to flow, not necessarily following your calendar. Bring in new ideas and possibilities. Acknowledge the time for creativity. Encourage autonomy and personal freedom. Realize changes in direction are not necessarily impulsiveness".just a thought JMG !

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Pema Chodron

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Weekend links | The Art of Simple

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Daily Motivation (16 photos)

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known 8x10 print £9.41 Etsy

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True direction.

In the waves of change we find our true direction. at

The secret of change.

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From Lupita to Emma Watson: The Best Life Advice From Hollywood via MyDomaine

From Lupita to J. Lawr: The Best Life Advice From Hollywood

And leave the rest to fend for themselves.

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"The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live only as you can." #quote #inspirational


When it comes to making a big change in your life, you have to want it more than you fear it. #wisdom #affirmations

Avanoo | Unleash your potential in just 3 minutes a day

Always let faith be bigger than fear.

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Some people create their own storms... and wonder why their life sucks because of it

Great quotes | #922 | From up North


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Bring on the silly.

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