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Italian suit The Italian suit is probably the most classic suit there is. Elegance is the keyword. It is a slim and very stylish suit, with a sleek silhouette, made of lighter material and containing higher gorge lines and less overall padding. Italian style can be further divided into Neapolitan, Milanese and Roman style, but we will tell you about those in a subsequent article.

Three types of suits. gentlemanstravels: “A modern day gentleman knows what to wear. But does he know what he wears? Here are the 3 types of suits: the Italian, the British, and the American.

OMA sets the scene for a collaborative performance at Faena Forum | Wallpaper*

Alan Faena and Ximena Caminos, the partners in business (and in life) behind the mammoth Faena Arts District, wanted to kick off Design Miami and Art Basel Miami Beach with a bang. The result: Once With Me, Once Without Me, a collaborative performance .

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That potential Aidan Look

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