Floating witch hats - genius!

*** doing this for the front porch! Floating witches hats (hung with fishing line) along with a broom.good idea for a front porch for Halloween.

Tootsie Pops dressed up as ghosts for Halloween.

Tootsie pop ghosts - so cute, so easy, so appreciated by little ones: lollipops, cloth squares, ribbons & magic marker for the eyes are all that's needed for this delightful Hallowe'en treat

how to: silly spider halloween updo- Ha- I may do this for the party at the kids school...

How-To: Silly Spider Halloween Hairdo

Halloween Inspired Silly Spider Halloween Hairdo - ready to get your beauty and creep Halloween on as well? Create your own Halloween Hairdo with creepy spider bun

find an old wedding dress at goodwill, tape hand cut outs in it and shine a light through...spooky!

In the spirit of Halloween I though I'd share this creepy photo. Being a costume designer I love how they used the fabric of this wedding dress combine with the lighting to show this creep image.

Pumpkin chair- one man's yard sale/junk chair is another one's cute Halloween decoration!

Not so much the pumpkin, but possibly bumblebee's for the kitchen. Pumpkin Chair from A Sentimental Life: Vintage Finds. Seat of chair painted with jack-o'-lantern face for Halloween.

Halloween crafts for toddlers. I'm putting it into funnies because the bottom right hand 'scary spider' appears to have a freaky little girl shadow face in the print. Scared me lol!

See Jamie Teach Homeschool: 7 Toddler Approved Halloween Crafts- Tay and I will have a fun week :)

Pin it Tuesday | Halloween Crafts for Kids

This is an activity for students that would be cute to do during Halloween season. As they make a Halloween craft the students will learn the different body parts while using house hold items as the bones.

our vintage home love: Fall Porch Ideas....love the BOO banner hanging on the ladder

our vintage home love: Fall Porch Ideas.love the BOO banner hanging on the ladder. Could change the banner to Give Thanks after Halloween.

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