10 Name Writing Practice Activities

Writing your name and writing it properly is quite the accomplishment for our kids. Writing their name and labeling things as theirs is a big deal to kiddos. Help give them the confidence early with some of these Name Writing activities.

Balance- Walk the Line - Another fun physical activity for preschoolers as they study the work of Matt Jolley in Portland, Oregon.

35 Gross Motor Activities for Preschoolers that Like to MOVE


Scissors Cutting Practice for Preschoolers

Heres the perfect Scissor Cutting Practice for Preschoolers. Even older kids will enjoy this fun activity as they fine-tune their scissors skills! Grab your Free Printable Activity Packet here: sponsored with Fiskars HQ

Behavior Management   Quiet critters: In times of quite needed, pass out quiet critters. Take away from those caught talking. At the end of the activity, anyone who still has a quiet critter gets a prize, point, or whatever system used.

Basically, you make the quiet critters with a pom-pom, heart-shaped foam piece (for the feet) and mini wiggle eyes. I tell my students that my "quiet critters" need a friend to take care of them, but they only can survive/like QUIET friends.

Balance-Walk the number line activity for preschoolers to help recognize and count numbers

Walk the Number Line Activity for Recognizing Numbers

Walk the number line activity for preschoolers to help recognize and count numbers. Number lines can be incorporated with a pirate story to keep adventure theme.


Alphabet Writing Activities for Preschoolers (Hands On and Fun!) from Mama Say What? Laura shares the creative activities that helped her son learn how to write the alphabet.

GluingLow prep fine motor and gluing practice for Valentine's Day. {Playdough to Plato}

Valentine's Day Fine Motor Gluing

Small Group Activity- Students will be given a larger cut out heart and smaller cut out hearts and will glue the smaller hearts inside of the bigger heart.


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