another DIY Detective Kit idea

DIY Detective or Spy Kit for Kids

To print on a paper bag, invert the image (across horizon), click on "Custom" and enter the dimensions (5.2x10.2). Rename the custom print, "paper bag". Hit OK and you're all set. Next time, you'll just have to go to paper size and select "paper bag".

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FBI's Kids Page - printables, games & More!

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Moustache straws-

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hunt idea

The Lund Five: Happy Birthday Landon

detective hunt for party - kids find goody bags at the end...

Piece of Cake: Nancy Drew Birthday Party, Part 2

secret agent party

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secret agent party

Secret Agent Party Pt3 - Party Day

Detective theme! LOVE it.

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Detective kit

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Detective clipart

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CSI Ink & Handwriting Analysis Kit $8.24 (Toys R Us)


CSI Fingerprint Analysis Kit $13.49 (Toys R Us)

Edu Science CSI Fingerprint Analysis Kit

CSI Jr. Investigator Kit $26.24 (Toys R US)

Edu Science CSI Jr. Investigator Kit

Fingerprint Kit $13.99 (Toys R Us)

Alex Toys Under Cover Spy Fingerprint Kit with Magnifying Glass

Spy Net Laser Security System $24.99 (Toys R Us) - expensive for a party, but a fun idea ;)


Spy Gear Inspection Kit $15.99 (Toys R Us)

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too bad I don't live in Orlando, lol

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movie idea...

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LOTS of items for a detective/spy party to purchase

Spy Detective and Secret Agent Party Supplies Main Page

detective/spy coloring pages

Coolest Spy/Detective Coloring Sheets to Print

murder mystery ideas (although, I think I want to keep it to a 'robbery' as the crime, NOT murder)

The Best Mystery Party Games Online

detective party ideas

Kiddie Soiree: Detective Birthday Party

another Nancy Drew party - could be modified...

Wash your hands afterwards: Nancy Drew Birthday Party Insanity

nice detective badges - $1.99 each

Search Results - Party City