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2012 Halloween Ideas

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2012 Halloween Ideas

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The Dragon, the Knight, and the Princess - Family Costume Idea

The Dragon, the Knight, and the Princess

Star Wars Family - DIY Halloween Costumes

Star Wars Family

DIY Peacock Costume

Living Dead Doll - Homemade Halloween Costume

Living Dead Doll Costume

Headless Marie Antoinette - DIY Halloween Costume

Headless Marie Antoinette Costume

Homemade Costumes for Women

Homemade Costumes for Women - Costume Works
  • Miranda Arriago
    Miranda Arriago

    I friggin love the jellyfish idea. So cool!

Alice In Wonderland / Cheshire Cat DIY Costume - Halloween Costume Contest

Alice In Wonderland / Cheshire Cat Costume
  • Kaeli Koski
    Kaeli Koski

    Creepy! Kelsey Self

  • Tickle Monster
    Tickle Monster

    Love it

  • Finnian O'Brien
    Finnian O'Brien

    That's kinda scary but very creative and awesome

  • Emmi Warford
    Emmi Warford

    weird. just pick one

  • Mary Burnside
    Mary Burnside

    Great job!!!

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2012 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

2012 Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

DIY Peacock costume - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

Birds of a Feather Costumes

DIY Lego Lord Vampire Costume

Lego Lord Vampire Costume

A Cute Load of Laundry - home made Halloween costume

Laundry Basket Costume

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - too cute!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Marcel the Shell Costume - Halloween Costume Contest

Marcel the Shell Costume

Troll On Your Back - Halloween Costume Contest

Troll On Your Back

Octopus Swimming in the Ocean DIY Costume - Halloween Costume Contest

Octopus Swimming in the Ocean

The Giggly-Wiggly Octopus - Halloween Costume Contest

The Giggly-Wiggly Octopus Costume

Paper, Rock, Scissors - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

Paper, Rock, Scissors

Lion-o & Cheetara Costume - Halloween Costume Contest

Lion-o & Cheetara Costume

The Laundry Crew

The Laundry Crew Costume

Candyland Characters Costume - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

Candyland Characters Costume
  • Rhea Siebe
    Rhea Siebe

    I want the costume on the LEFT!!!!!!!! Hmmm.....

  • Rhea Siebe
    Rhea Siebe

    Is it homemade or did she buy it?

  • Cheyenne Marks
    Cheyenne Marks

    Love this

  • ✨Queen Zoë✨
    ✨Queen Zoë✨

    It looks custom made though :(

Somebody That I Used To Know - Halloween Costume Contest

Somebody That I Used To Know
  • Isaac Galena
    Isaac Galena

    great #Purim costume idea

Gremlins: Gizmo and Stripe! - Halloween Costume Contest

Gremlins: Gizmo and Stripe!

Hot Breakfast Costume

Unicorn Costume - Halloween Costume Contest

Unicorn Costume
  • Erica Daggett
    Erica Daggett

    Helen LeGrand III found your costume!!